What is an NZeTA?

An NZeTA (New Zealand electronic Travel Authority) is New Zealand's electronic travel authorization. Travelers with an eTA do not need to go to the Embassy for a visa in the international travel pass. After approval of the visa application, an NZeTA is digitally linked to your international travel pass.

To apply for an NZeTA, you do not have to visit an embassy or consulate, but you can complete the application completely online. After entering your details in the application form and paying the costs, you must upload a passport photo. After this passport photo has been approved, your application will be processed and approved by the New Zealand Immigration Service. This usually happens within five working days.

Who is eligible to apply for an ETA to New Zealand?

Passport holders from the USA, from a visa waiver country or those who are permanent residents of Australia and will be in New Zealand for less than 3 months — or, if you are a British citizen, staying for less than 6 months, or;

  • Cruise passengers arriving and departing New Zealand by cruise ship, or;
  • People joining or leaving a cruise who are not from a Visa Waiver country will need to apply for an ordinary visa. See below for more information
  • Passenger traveling through Auckland International Airport to New Zealand who are from a Visa Waiver country approved for transit only, or;
  • Persons traveling through Auckland International Airport in transit on their way to or from Australia.

Spacious to use with flexible conditions

An NZeTA can be used for almost all common travel purposes. Tourist: celebrating a holiday and visiting acquaintances. For business travel, such as conferences, trainings and other business meetings and work visits. The document also suffices for applications to paid or unpaid jobs in New Zealand and for participation in amateur sports.

Advantages of applying for an ETA with us

  • Secure payment in your local currency
  • Simplified ordering and multilingual customer service
  • Status updates in real time

If you are traveling to or via the USA, you must fill in a so-called “visa waiver” on our website before departure. It takes about fifteen minutes to fill in and we advise you to do this at least 2 weeks before departure. It is very important because without an approved visa waiver you will be refused your flight(s). You will also receive a notification if everything has been approved.

Travel documents and conditions for a New Zealand ETA (NZeTA)

Before entering New Zealand, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are in possession of an NZeTA before traveling to New Zealand country
  • Your international travel pass is still valid for at least 3 months when you leave the country
  • You are in good health. When you come to New Zealand for medical purposes, you must apply for a medical visa
  • You do not pose a threat to safety and public order. You are a security risk if you have ever been sentenced to prison, have ever been denied a New Zealand visa, or have ever been deported.
  • You go to the country for a holiday, touring, visiting family or friends or for amateur sports
  • You are a resident of a visa waiver country
  • You can demonstrate on arrival that you have sufficient financial means during your stay. Without accommodation you must have a minimum of NZ $1,000 per month and with residence NZ $400.
  • You have an onward or return flight ticket or cruise reservation
  • You are not in New Zealand for more than 3 consecutive months and not more than 6 months in total in any 12-month period.

About IVL

The New Zealand government levies a tourist tax called the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL).

Passport validity

If you are traveling to New Zealand, your passport must be valid for at least one month after departure from New Zealand. The tourist visa you receive on arrival in New Zealand is an electronic copy, so you will not get a stamp in your passport.

Please note: if you apply for a new passport after linking the visa to your passport, the New Zealand visa must be applied for again. It is not automatically linked to the new passport.

Applying for a visa for New Zealand cheaply, quickly and easily

Applying for an NZeTA online is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to comply with the visa requirement. You can apply completely online, via the application form on our website. After completing this form and paying the costs, a passport photo can be uploaded. We will send it to the Immigration Department.

  • The application is then reviewed by the New Zealand Immigration Department. Once the application has been approved, you will receive a confirmation by text message and the visa will be sent to you by email. It can then be used immediately.
  • The normal delivery time is five working days. If that is not fast enough, the 'urgent delivery option can be selected in the application form. The Immigration Service of New Zealand suggests to apply for the NZeTA as early as possible.
NZeTA Application

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