NZeTA is New Zealand's e-travel authority, launched in 2019 to make travel more accessible. Citizens of New Zealand visa-exempt countries can use this entry document to travel to New Zealand for tourism, business or transit purposes. New Zealand's eTA allows you to enter the country multiple times over a two-year period. Holders can stay in New Zealand for 90 days at a time. Applying for an NZeTA for Vatican City residents is easy: applicants must fill out an online form, attach a photo portrait and biographical passport details, and pay a fee. Processing usually takes about 23 hours, maximum 3 working days. After this period, an approved travel authorization will be sent to the applicant's email address as a PDF document.

Is NZeTA required for Vatican citizens?

As announced by the New Zealand government on 31 October 2019, the Vatican is one of the countries that are visa-free for travel of up to 90 days, but New Zealand's eTA is required to allow identification of a person crossing the border and is mandatory for all Vatican citizens. It is linked to the passport of the passenger automatically. New Zealand eTA is valid for 2 years or until the expiration date, whichever comes first.;

Cruise passengers must submit a valid New Zealand eTA as Vatican passengers arriving by plane in New Zealand. Even crew members have to file eTA individually, separate from tourists. They can contact their employer for the best assistance.

Vatican City residents planning to travel to destinations outside of New Zealand via Auckland International Airport only must also submit a valid eTA. Nationals traveling to New Zealand with their families are required to provide passport details of all members when submitting the NZ eTA application form. Travelers traveling with other members must submit an eTA application form for each member individually.

What documents is required to apply for NZeTA?

You will be pleased to know that New Zealand's ETA requirements are easy to meet. There aren't many of them and you shouldn't have any trouble putting them all together.

Requirements -
  • Valid Passport – This is the most important element for obtaining an ETA and traveling to New Zealand.
  • Travel Dates – All you have to disclose is your arrival and departure dates
  • Email Address - If you applied online for the New Zealand ETA, you will receive a confirmation email with a reference number. You will be asked to show it upon arrival in New Zealand. You can print it or save it in electronic form on your device.
  • Online Payment Options - We allow you to pay by credit and debit cards.

NZeTA fare for travellers from Vatican City

As you probably know, each country can set a price for travel documents such as visas. In New Zealand, prices are not that high. That is the amount for per person. It makes sense to apply with multiple people, then you only need to go through the checkout process once. Enough options are available online to complete Visa payments.

How can Vatican citizens apply for an NZeTA?

Residents of Vatican City can easily obtain and submit the New Zealand eTA online application form using their smartphone, PC or tablet within 10 minutes.

In order to avoid inaccuracies and delays when applying the application form, you need to bring the following information with you:

  • Personal data – full name, date of birth, address, family details (if traveling with family, details of each member).
  • Passport details - passport number, nationality, expiration date.
  • Health information - intention to receive medical treatment or advice in New Zealand.
  • Travel - Hotel, date of arrival and departure.
  • Security details - History of criminal convictions.
  • A valid email address to receive an approved eTA visa waiver
  • Debit or credit card to pay registration fees and IVL.

Please fill out the form in advance and check the details carefully as incorrect information may result in the application form not being approved, fees and the accompanying Tourist Tax (IVL) not being paid; Initial application complete. After a few days, the NZeTA application will be processed and approved.

Can changes be made on application?

Until you have paid for the NZeTA application, you can change any field in the online application form. Once the NZeTA application has been paid for, we will process it immediately and only possibly correct your email address. Therefore, before you are redirected to a payment page, you will be asked to verify the accuracy of that information. Please check this carefully.

If you make an error in your application, you must submit a new application. If your NZeTA details do not match those on your passport, your NZeTA will not be valid. All costs for new applications are your responsibility.

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