As of October 1, 2019, the regulations have changed regarding traveling to New Zealand. The country on the other side of the world now has a visa requirement. You must apply for an NZeTA before visiting the country. Because the regulations are new, I would like to tell you everything you need to know about this travel document!

The meaning of NZeTA

New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority, that's the full meaning. Good to know is that it can be arranged entirely electronically, it is not necessary to go to a consulate or embassy. This ensures that you can easily arrange everything from home. So, it is actually just an electronic link to your passport that allows you to enter the country. It is important to know that this only applies to tourists. If you want to study or work in the country, you are not allowed to enter the country on this visa.

Apply for the New Zealand eTA

You can therefore easily apply for the NZeTA online. It takes about five to ten minutes per person. Make sure you have all the information to hand, such as your passport and travel information. Once the visa has been applied for, you will receive approval within a few days. This means that you have to apply for the visa on time because if there are problems you still have enough time to solve this. It is important that children also have their own travel document.


As you probably know, each country can determine the price of a travel document such as a visa. In New Zealand, prices are not very high. In total it costs NZ$ 47 via the website and NZ$ 44 via the app. That means that the amount is around €25 per person. It is wise to request it with several people, then you only have to go through the payment process once. Very nice is that you can pay via ideal, Credit card, PayPal or net banking. Enough options to complete the payment of the visa.

International Visitor Conservation and Tourism fee

To visit New Zealand, all travellers who apply for an NZeTA and reside in the country must also pay the International Visitor and Conservation Tourism Tax (IVL). This IVL contributes to nature conservation and infrastructure at a cost of NZ$35. You do not need to pay this fee if you are transiting and only transiting at Oakland Airport.

When applying for a working holiday visa or IVL tourist visa, the fee is included in the price. Filing an NZeTA this cheap adds to the cost of the IVL to get every tourist to pay that tax. The only travellers who will not pay this city tax are residents and residents of New Zealand (or those of equivalent status such as Australian passport holders).

How long should my passport be valid?

For your trip through New Zealand, you need a passport that is still valid at the time you leave New Zealand. We recommend that you always travel with a passport with a long period of validity, in the unlikely event that your trip takes longer. Think of illness, natural disasters, cancelled flights, etc. Even if you opt for a longer stopover in Asia, for example, your passport must be valid long enough for your journey home.

Other important preparations for New Zealand

It is important to know, of course, that English is spoken in New Zealand. So, you don't have to bring a dictionary or anything like that. In addition, it is an important difference that they drive on the left in the country. Since it is a gigantic country, it is likely that you will rent a car or camper. So, while driving you should always be aware that you have to drive on the left side of the road. In addition, it is advisable to have an international driving license made at the ANWB because the police can understand this better. Finally, you have to take into account that it is summer in New Zealand when it is winter here and vice versa. Checking the temperatures and weather forecast is highly recommended.

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