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What is eTA New Zealand?

NZeTA is the Electronic Travel Authorization (Visa Exemption) for New Zealand. The acronym stands for New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority. Those who apply for the NZeTA online do not need to get the visa stamped in their passports at the embassy. The NZeTA is digitally linked to the passport upon issue and is comparable to the ETA for Australia and the eTA for Canada. When this website refers to the New Zealand visa, it means the NZeTA unless otherwise stated.

Who needs an NZeTA?

You are required to apply for an NZeTA before traveling to New Zealand if you:

  • traveling on a passport from a New Zealand visa-exempt country
  • are a permanent resident of Australia
  • are a cruise passenger, regardless of nationality
NZeTA Application Form

Who needs an eTA New Zealand Visa?

New Zealand introduced Electronic Travel Authorizations for travellers who are citizens of one of the 60 countries covered by the Visa Waiver Scheme, including citizens of the Netherlands and Belgium. It's called the NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

Visa waiver countries and territories
Austria Andorra Argentina Belgium Bulgaria Bahrain Brazil Brunei Cyprus Croatia Czech Republic Canada
Chile Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Hong Kong Ireland Italy Iceland
Israel Japan Kuwait Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Liechtenstein Malta Macau Malaysia Mauritius Mexico
Monaco Netherlands Norway Oman Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Slovakia Singapore Slovenia Sweden
San Marino Saudi Arabia Spain Seychelles South Korea Switzerland Taiwan UK UAE United States Uruguay Vatican City
Transit visa waiver countries
Bahamas Bermuda Bolivia Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador Indonesia Kiribati Micronesia Marshall Islands Nauru Palau
Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Solomon Islands Samoa Thailand Tonga Tuvalu Vanuatu Venezuela

What does it mean to travel through New Zealand?

If you are passing through New Zealand on your way to another country, find out if you need a visa or an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

  • International passengers can only transfer via Auckland International Airport and must remain in designated transit areas or on board their aircraft.
  • Currently you can stay in New Zealand for less than 24 hours without a visa.
  • Only New Zealand citizens and permanent residents and Australian citizens do not require a visa and NZeTA to transit through the country.
  • Citizens of all other countries need an NZeTA or transit visa to travel through New Zealand.

Conditions for applying for an NZeTA

Your passport must be valid for 6 months after leaving New Zealand. In addition, the following applies:

  • A visa is not required for a maximum stay of 3 months.
  • The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) is mandatory.
  • The document is valid for 2 years, provided that your passport is also valid during that period.
  • The processing time of the approval of an NZeTA is a maximum of 72 hours.
  • An NZeTA can also be applied for via our website. Apply Now

NZeTA requirements for arriving by cruise ship

Are you going to backpacking in New Zealand soon? Or are you in transit to, for example, Australia? From 1 October 2019, it is mandatory to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority for your trip to New Zealand on the cruise. This is also called a New Zealand visa (NZETA). You can easily apply for the travel authorization online and you will receive an almost immediate message whether you have been granted access to New Zealand. If approved, NZeTA remains valid for two years. If you apply for a new passport within these 2 years, you can transfer the NZeTA to your new passport.

Applying for the NZeTA for a cruise passenger

with the help of an online option and using a phone, tablet, or laptop, one can apply for NZeTA. The cruise ship online application form can directly be filled in just a few minutes. Candidates need to duly fill the form with their personal information along with the mentioned ones in the passport, including:

- First and last name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Residential Address, Contact Details, Passport number with the issue and expiry date

An applicant needs to provide the purpose for their visit. If anyone has the purpose to get medical treatment, he/she won't get the eTA approved for the cruise. They need to provide all the details in the correct manner in order to avoid any mishap or rejection.

The approved New Zealand eTA for a cruise will be sent to the provided email address. They also need to carry the passport (the similar one used for application) along with the valid documents while entering New Zealand.

Do you require to have a tourist visa for New Zealand?

It completely depends on your nationality that you require a tourism NZeTA or New Zealand tourist visa. It also depends on the purpose of your visit along with the duration of the stay in the country.

The time duration for the visit of citizens the citizens of the countries like the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, and all European Union member states is 90 days (having a valid New Zealand eTA).

Citizens from the United Kingdom can enter for periods of up to 6 months with the NZeTA.

The applicants need to apply for NZeTA online before their departure to NZ.

Permanent countrymen of Australia can apply for NZeTA without paying any extra money for IVL. They are exempted from this tax. They can stay in New Zealand as they are conferred automatic residency status on their arrival.

Travelers need to have their eligibility to apply for a visitor visa to visit New Zealand. These are -

  • Australian permanent citizen and resident
  • A resident from a visa waiver nation
  • United Nations laissez-passer holder
  • Qualified for visa-free travel with any specific requirements

If a person wants to get a visitor visa for New Zealand, he will require to visit the consulate or embassy. He must have to bring a valid passport along with the supporting documents that include tour reservations and accommodation.

What do you need to get a New Zealand Transit eTA?

Obtaining a New Zealand Transit eTA is a simple and straightforward process. Below are the eligibility criteria for the candidates to apply for -

  • A passport with the validity of at least 3 months
  • A valid email address to receive their NZeTA notification once it is approved
  • Payment option (Debit/Credit Card)

With the help of an online option and using a phone, tablet, or laptop, one can apply for NZeTA. The transit eTA online application form can directly be filled in just a few minutes. Candidates need to duly fill the form with their personal information along with the mentioned ones in the passport, including:

- First and last name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Residential Address, Contact Details, Passport number with the issue and expiry date

Candidates need to answer a few health as well as security questions and review the application carefully to ensure it matches with all the information printed on the passport exactly.

As soon as the application form has been submitted, the system will determine that a person needs a Transit NZeTA. It calculates the applicable fees automatically for their situation.

Travellers with the valid passport of a visa waiver country who expect to leave the airport and want to stay in New Zealand can apply for New Zealand eTA. Eligible candidates will not be able to transit with the NZeTA through Christchurch or Wellington airport.

Requirements for NZeTA for Business Trips

To submit an NZeTA application for a business tour, it's required to have a passport having the validity of at least 3 months. The person needs to be from one of the visa waiver countries.

People must be a credit or debit card holder so as he/she can pay the required charges for NZeTA, IVL, and a small tourist tax.

In addition to the NZeTA, New Zealand has also introduced a tourist tax, this is known as Tourism Levy (International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy). The costs for the tourist tax are included in the costs you pay for the visa for New Zealand. The validity of the Tourism Levy is also two years or as long until the validity of your passport. Proceeds from the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy are used to maintain the infrastructure for tourism, protect nature, and promote New Zealand as a tourist destination.

A valid email ID is also needed to get notified of your application. Here, you will get the valid NZeTA doc after approval.

People from non-visa waiver nations who aren’t eligible for applying New Zealand eTA before a business tour and are, rather, required to get a Business Visitor Visa for New Zealand from the consulate/embassy to pay for business activities. Candidates need to provide the proof of adequate funds to spend during their visit.

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