You will usually receive your NZeTA within a few hours of payment. We rely on the New Zealand government to evaluate and issue your e-Visa. Your NZeTA application will take up to 72 hours to process. It is advisable to apply for a visa in a timely manner. If your eVisa is rejected in an extraordinary manner, you have the option of applying for a different (normal) visa at the New Zealand embassy. This way, even if your vacation is postponed early, you can still travel with the approved visa.

You can use this form to apply for a visa for one or more tourists at the same time. You only enter your contact and trip details once. Then enter the details of all the passengers you want to apply for a visa for. If you click on the input field, more information will appear on the right.

General information

Enter all your details. Copy carefully from your passport. You must apply for visas for all travellers (including children with their parents' passports). You can do it all at once by clicking "Add travellers" below. You only need to fill in general information once (all visas will be sent to the same address). Not all travellers have to live at the address entered. The address will only be used to send the visa if you so choose.;

See the documentation

Passport photos for each travellers must also be submitted before your application can be processed. This can easily be done online once payment is made. Anyone who does business internationally knows this simple truth: Proper documentation is essential. Lost or inaccurate documents increase risk, cause delays, incur unnecessary costs and put the business at risk.

New Zealand Visa has the expertise, years of experience, and seasoned professionals to make sure you get the documents you need on time, every time. Our service is very simple: start an inquiry to let us know your document needs. We will ensure that everything is correct and convey it to the relevant government authorities or agencies as soon as possible. You can follow the progress of your document in real time and we'll send it back via courier or encrypted transmission, in some cases within an hour.

Add Travellers

You must apply for visas for all travellers, including children and infants who may appear on their parents' passports. You can add multiple passengers by clicking the Add travellers button.

Pet name

Indicate if you have had any other legal names. For example, maiden name or official nickname. Pseudonyms or nicknames that have never appeared on an official ID may not be entered here.

Agreement Statement

I hereby declare that I have filled out this form to the best of my knowledge and belief as accurately as possible and I realize that filling in errors can result in the trip not being carried out. I understand that I must comply with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) requirements and that INZ will use the information I provide to assess my eligibility and improve their services under the Immigration Act 2009. I consent to INZ sharing information with other companies inside or outside New Zealand pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993. I also hereby consent to INZ sharing my credentials with other airlines, shipping companies and transport companies to facilitate check-in.

Application Form

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