As an Austrian citizen who wants to have a short but fun and exciting trip, you must visit New Zealand, an island in the north of the Pacific Ocean. Nature's best creations have received the highest ratings for quality of life, health, education, safety, and protection of civil liberties. Here you will find a balance between modernity and nature.

With its beautiful landscapes and indigenous people, New Zealand is one of the most popular travel destinations. If you decide to take a long and expensive trip around the world, be well prepared. From 1 October 2019 there is a New Zealand visa requirement, i.e., New Zealand eTA. We'll keep you posted!

What is New Zealand eTA?

Before 1 October 2019, a New Zealand visa was not required to enter the country. As an Austrian, you fall into the so-called visa-free countries. Upon entry, it will only be checked whether you meet the entry requirements, then you will get an (electronic) stamp in your passport and you can stay in the country for 3 months.

Cruise passengers must apply for a valid New Zealand eTA, as will Austrian passengers arriving by plane in New Zealand. However, the crew must apply for a special eTA, separate from tourists. These workers should contact their employers for assistance.

Who is eligible for the New Zealand e-Travel Authority (NZeTA)?

  • Passport holders from visa-exempt countries or permanent residents of Australia visiting for less than 3 months – or if you are a UK citizen for less than 6 months, or;
  • Cruise passengers arriving and departing from New Zealand on cruise ships, or;
  • An entry visa is required for persons sailing to or leaving New Zealand who is not from a visa-exempt country.
  • A person passing through Auckland International Airport as a transit passenger if originating from a visa-free country or visa-free transit country, or;
  • People passing through Auckland International Airport only as transit passengers en route to or from Australia

How long will it take to prepare your visa?

For the processing time required to complete your ETA, we offer 3 options. The price depends on the option specified -

  • Normal ETA Processing – Your ETA application will be processed within 48-72 hours and the fee is USD65 including service fees.
  • Emergency ETA Processing - You will receive your ETA within 24-48 hours. The registration fee of USD75 includes the service fee.
  • Rush Processing - This is the fastest option. You will receive your ETA visa in just 12-24 hours. The price is USD85 including the service charge.

General information about visas for New Zealand

  • This allows eligible nationals to travel to New Zealand for tourism, business, or transit purposes without having to present visa documents at the embassy.
  • It is now mandatory for visa-free nationals, airlines, and cruise crew members from all countries to hold an New Zealand eTA to travel to New Zealand.
  • New Zealand's eTA allows multiple entries for short stays throughout its validity and is valid for 2 years.
  • Choose a payment method. The application form will ask you to correct the information you entered. Once a payment has been made, you cannot change it.
  • New Zealand eTA for air and cruise crew comes with the validity of 5 years.
  • Eligible nationals can apply via the easy online New Zealand eTA application.
  • Candidates must complete the New Zealand eTA application form with personal & passport details. You will also need to answer a few questions about their criminal history and whether the applicant is seeking medical treatment in New Zealand.
  • You will also need to pay a small processing fee and tourism fee to receive an approved New Zealand eTA via email.

What documents are required to apply for an online New Zealand eTA?

Austrian citizens must apply for an eTA to travel to New Zealand. To obtain a New Zealand eTA, they must submit an online eTA application form from Austria. The correct information is required to get an approved New Zealand eTA, therefore Austrian citizens must meet the following requirements before using the application form:

  • A citizen's passport must be valid for at least three months after the extended date of departure from New Zealand.
  • The New Zealand eTA application form must be filled out correctly.
  • A valid citizen credit or debit card to pay for the online application and IVL fees.
  • Email address to get approved NZeTA.
  • Citizens with dual citizenship must provide details of the passport with which they will travel.
  • Travelers visiting family members must provide each member's passport details in the eTA application, and travellers with other family members must apply for an eTA for each member individually.

The following important information must be filled in correctly and carefully for approval of the application form, wrong details may result in delay or rejection.

New Zealand eTA photo specifications

Applicants must upload a digital photo that meets the NZeTA photo criteria. Photos must be:

  • Less than 10MB
  • In portrait format
  • Original, without edits and filters
  • Photographed against a plain light background
  • Without anyone else

Advantages of applying for New Zealand eTA with us

  • Pay securely on our website in your local currency
  • Simplified order forms and multilingual support
  • Proactive and real-time order status updates
New Zealand eTA Application Form

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