New Zealand is undeniably one of the most visited nations in the world. It is a sovereign island nation in the Southwest Pacific. Due to its stunning beauty and proximity to nature, it is one of the most popular places for tourists. People come from far and wide to visit New Zealand and admire its beauty. One of the most visitors came from Belgium. Belgium is a visa-free country. Although the extension of the rules states that an individual visa is not mandatory if you are visiting the country for 3 months or less, otherwise you will need to apply for an ETA visa.

Is a New Zealand eTA required for Belgian citizens?

As of 31 October 2019, Belgium is one of 60 eligible visa-waiver countries whose nationals do not require a transit visa waiver to travel to New Zealand for multiple short trips of up to 90 days. However, a New Zealand eTA is required to travel to New Zealand. ETA is required to face identification of every person crossing the border guard and is mandatory for all nationals. Once approved, the eTA is automatically linked to the traveller’s passport. New Zealand eTA is only valid for two years or until the expiration date, whichever comes first. eTA saves us from long consultations with consulates or embassies to get visas. ETA also removes the requirement to obtain postage at the border.

Cruise passengers must submit a valid New Zealand eTA when passengers from Belgium arrive in New Zealand by air. In addition, crew members must submit eTA individually, separately from tourists. Employees should contact their employer for assistance.

  • Belgian nationals wishing to travel to destinations outside of New Zealand via Auckland International Airport only must also apply for a valid eTA.
  • Belgian nationals traveling to New Zealand with their families are required to provide passport information to all members when submitting the New Zealand eTA application form. Travelers traveling with other members or minors must submit a separate eTA application form for each member.
  • Travelers to Belgium must be in good health. NZeTA applicants will be asked if they are traveling to the country to receive treatment or medical advice. If they find themselves in this situation, they must apply for a medical visit visa, not a transit visa.

How can I apply for a New Zealand visa from Belgium?

New Zealand Visa for Belgium Citizens includes a web-based application structure that can be completed in less than five (5) minutes. It's important to be able to include individual nuances, their contact nuances such as email and address, and information on their corrections page that is recognizable. Candidate must be healthy and have no criminal record.

Once Belgian residents pay a fee to the New Zealand e-Travel Authority (NZeTA), they will start maintaining their app for the metered release season. New Zealand casserole season forecasts will be emailed to Belgian residents. If additional documentation is required, the applicant should contact the New Zealand e-Travel Authority (NZeTA) support for Belgian residents.

Who is eligible for the New Zealand e-Travel Authority (NZeTA)?

  • Passport holders from visa-exempt countries or permanent residents of Australia visiting for less than 3 months – or if you are a UK citizen for less than 6 months, or;
  • Cruise passengers arriving and departing from New Zealand on cruise ships, or;
  • An entry visa is required for persons sailing to or leaving New Zealand who is not from a visa-exempt country. If applicable, see below for more information
  • A person passing through Auckland International Airport as a transit passenger if originating from a visa-free country or visa-free transit country, or;
  • People passing through Auckland International Airport only as transit passengers en route to or from Australia

Steps to apply for an ETA

  • The steps to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization are as follows:
  • The first step includes filling in all personal information
  • Second, you have to choose your desired application processing time. The faster you want the processing done, the higher the amount you will have to pay for it.
  • Choose a payment method. The application form will ask you to correct the information you entered. Once a payment has been made, you cannot change it.
  • Submit all of the above documents
  • That's it, your visa will arrive in the period you have chosen.

After you fill out the application form, it usually takes 1 to 2 business days for the authorities to review the application and respond to your request. The minimum timeframe for receiving and processing requests is 3 days. This allows enough time to submit additional documents.

How long does it take to receive a New Zealand eTA from Belgium?

After submitting the online eTA form for New Zealand and paying the fee and the IVL, the initial application is complete. Responses from New Zealand take one to three business days, so travellers should submit the NZeTA online form at least three business days in advance. Once the application is approved, the New Zealand eTA will be sent in PDF format to the email address provided on the application form. Belgian citizens must have a printout of the NZeTA with their passport before departure.

Belgian nationals with dual citizenship must travel with a passport whose information has been filled in the application.

New Zealand eTA Application Form

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