The NZeTA visa allows visitors to eligible countries, including Swedish nationals, to obtain an NZeTA visa online before traveling to New Zealand for tourism purposes.

This visa category also allows Swedish nationals to obtain an NZeTA visa while transiting the country en route to another destination. People visiting the country for work can waive the NZeTA Crew visa, which is valid for up to 05 years.

How to get a visa for New Zealand?

Whether one is looking to move permanently or temporarily, New Zealand offers a variety of options. Before applying online, you will need to determine if you meet several important eligibility criteria. Proof of one's financial stability and level of education need to be provided along with the required documents. People can apply for a NZeTA based on their needs. The type of visa required must be determined before completing an online application or visiting an embassy. People can then go to the official immigration website and apply for a visa.

Do Swedish citizens need to apply for an eTA for New Zealand?

New Zealand has provided visa waivers to 60 eligible countries. Nationals of sixty eligible countries are required to have an approved New Zealand eTA to pass through border security. eTA saves us from annoying consultations with consulates or embassies. eTA is also required for those wishing to enter via Auckland. It also removes the requirement to get a stamp at the border when entering New Zealand airports.

  • Travelers traveling with family members must provide each family member's passport details and travellers traveling with another family member or minor must submit a New Zealand eTA application for each family member separately.
  • Cruise passengers, such as Swedish passengers arriving in New Zealand by plane, must submit a valid New Zealand eTA. However, the crew must apply for a special eTA, separate from tourists. These workers should contact their employers for assistance.
  • Travelers must be in good health. When applying for a New Zealand eTA, applicants will be asked if they are traveling to the country to receive treatment or medical advice. If you find yourself in this situation, you will need to apply for a medical treatment visa instead of an eTA.

What are the New Zealand ETA requirements for Swedish citizens?

As noted above, Swedish nationals must apply for an NZeTA visa if they wish to enter New Zealand. New Zealand visa requirements for Swedish citizens are simple. Swedish citizens applying for a New Zealand eTA must complete an online form and provide their personal and passport information.

Travel documents are required for the NZ ETA visa application. Before applying for a New Zealand eTA visa, Swedish nationals or foreigners must ensure that:

  • • Applicants must have valid passports from eligible countries on the list.
  • • The passport has a minimum remaining validity of 03 months from the date of departure.
  • • He/she must provide a valid email address. Visa confirmation will be sent to the applicant to a valid email address.

It is important for travellers to ensure that the information they provide on the NZeTA application form is similar to that on their travel documents. Otherwise, travellers may have to deal with being denied visa exemption or other delays in their travel plans.

Does it take longer to process my application?

Not all. However, what you need to remember is that when applying for an ETA with us, you have several options regarding when to process your application. You have three choices, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Standard Processing of NZeTA - Your ETA to New Zealand will arrive within 24 hours
  • Urgent Processing of NZeTA - You will have to wait 6 hours for your application to be processed
  • Swift Processing of NZeTA - Your travel documents are ready in just 2 hours

What are the ETA Requirements for New Zealand?

  1. Travel Dates – While application process, you'll need to provide your travel dates
  2. Email Address - As a result of the online application process, you must provide a valid email address to receive a confirmation email with a reference number. You will need this number upon arrival.
  3. Online Payment Methods - Payment should be done during the online application process. You can use a credit / debit card, but you can use a PayPal account.

How long does it take to get a New Zealand eTA from Sweden?

It only takes ten minutes to submit the NZeTA form and pay the application fee and IVL fee. It can take one to three business days for the government to respond, so travellers must submit an online NZeTA form at least three business days in advance to allow processing time. Once approved, the approved New Zealand eTA will be sent in PDF format to the email address provided. Travelers can obtain a photocopy of the eTA for travel to New Zealand with their passports.

Dual nationality travellers must travel with the same passport details as filled in the application form.

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